Emergency Repairs

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Offering immediate emergency repair services in Manhattan, New York, & Binghamton, NY

You may be feeling frustrated if a piece of your furniture has recently broken. Fortunately for residents of Manhattan, New York, & Binghamton, NY, Captain Max Patterson offers quick and reliable emergency repair services. As a trusted emergency handyman, Max can fix any part of your home that's damaged, including doors and cabinets.

We're known for our quick response times and high-quality services. Reach out today to schedule an appointment.

emergency repairs In Manhattan & Binghamton, NY

When you need an emergency handyman, Captain Max Patterson will be here for you. You should call us if:

  • A door has come off its hinges
  • A piece of furniture is broken
  • A drawer is out of alignment

We'll have the problem fixed before you know it, allowing you to get on with your normal life. Call today to schedule your emergency repair services.