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Upscale Carpentry and Repair Work For Businesses And Retail Locations
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Upscale Carpentry & Displays For Businesses & Retail Locations In Manhattan & Binghamton, NY

Captain Max Patterson - Commercial Carpentry Contractor

If you are a retail location, hotel, or any other business looking for that perfect carpentry addition to you Manhattan space, look no further than Captain Max Patterson Inc. With years of experience building, refinishing, and remodeling for upscale businesses, Max Patterson has the skills needed to build you the perfect addition to your business. From custom display cases to furniture refinishing Captain Max Patterson Inc. can take the look of your boutique or hotel and completely transform it. Cabinets and display cases can be build to your exact specifications and needs and be designed to show off that unique Manhattan, New York, & Binghamton, NY vibe.

Captain Max Patterson Inc. also offers handyman and repair services for businesses in Manhattan so that you get a quick response when you need a carpentry repair. Max Patterson will help you repair your commercial carpentry issue within 24 hours and make sure your business sees little disruption. The next time you need handyman or repair services contact the company that will respond rapidly and treat your business in a professional manner. Call or use our contact form today to request repairs or a free estimate on services.

Choose a Carpenter with Upscale Retail Carpentry Experience

Trust your retail or commercial location to a carpenter who has an eye for design and the industry know-how to help your project shine. Captain Max Patterson Inc. has experience working with large retail locations in Manhattan and the New York, New York area. Some of Captain Max's clients include:

  • Gap
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Old Navy
  • Ann Taylor
  • Moleskin
  • Lou and Grey






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Some Of Captain Max's Work:

-Built-In Cabinetry
-Custom Made Retail Displays
-Wall Displays
-Store Displays
-Window Displays
-Interior Trim
-Hand Rails

-Custom Made Trims
-Refinished Furniture
-Refinished Displays/Bars/Hand Rails
-Shelving and Storage
-Upscale Repairs
-Commercial Handyman
-Rapid 24 Hour Repairs

Carpentry and Custom Woodworking

Carpentry and Custom Woodworking

Custom Made Displays and Retail Cabinetry

Custom Made Displays and Retail Cabinetry

Upscale and Rapid Handyman and Repair Services

Upscale and Rapid Handyman and Repair Services

custom sports displays

custom sports displays