Want Displays That Truly Amaze?

Want Displays That Truly Amaze?

Find boutique display designs in Manhattan, New York, & Binghamton, NY

Would you like to present your business in the best possible light? Do you want an original, custom display for your store in Manhattan, New York or Binghamton, NY?

Captain Max Patterson is the man for the job. Max has spent years providing commercial clients from boutiques to department stores with attractive, useful displays, signage and more

custom displays and commercial carpentry In Manhattan & Binghamton, NY

Captain Max Patterson Inc understands how to create the sharp, high-quality pieces that'll make any commercial space- from retail showrooms to school hallways- come together perfectly. Max's portfolio includes projects such as:

  • Showroom displays
  • Showroom shelving
  • Freestanding retail shelving
  • Custom racks
  • Custom signage
  • Artwork framing
  • Elevator paneling
  • Locker assemblies
  • Custom furniture

You've invested a lot in your commercial property- shouldn't you go with a professional who'll truly enhance it? Call 646-483-9296 to speak with Captain Max Patterson Inc about your commercial carpentry project in Manhattan, New York, & Binghamton, NY.